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Virosmash is a leading brand of EnviroAV Solutions LLP manufacturing different types of medicare products. We are known to provide the best quality of safety products like the antiviral masks, N2020 Wear and nano coat disinfectants etc

We have been serving the best quality of products for years to provide the best facilities to customers. During the pandemic times of Covid 19, we know that the world has come to halt. To help the people to fight against ongoing pandemic situations. With our complete new range of products under the name of virosmash, we are helping the people to stay protected during the pandemic times.

Virosmash provides an array of products to people like masks, disinfectants and etc based on nanotechnology. With the use of the latest technologies and theories, we have managed to be one of the largest manufacturers and have served people from all across the nation.

We believe in perfection and precision. With the use of state of art technology, Virosmash follows a dedicated and strict manufacturing process. The entire process environment is kept safe so that there are no chances of infection spread due to any reasons. We put across multiple quality checks and testing of every product. We are certified and recognized by the Government of India, test labs in India as well as overseas. Our technology has been certified by Nanochem Labs, USA and is effective against Human Coronavirus 229E.

Best In Industry

With our simple and dedicated procedure for the manufacturing of products, we have incorporated the latest technologies and techniques.The products manufactured at Virosmash are tested at various stages for the quality. We ensure that the products are matching the standards which prevails to the health, safety and sustainability trends.

Innovative Solutions

We provide innovative solutions to the clients. With the state of art technologies, we make sure that the products are much helpful to the people. During the covid times, we have understood the need of the hour and have innovated solutions using nanotechnology to help the people to face the situation and fight against the virus.

Safe Manufacturing

We make sure that the entire manufacturing process is performed in a safe and hygienic environment. All of our workstations are sanitized regularly so that there are no chances of infection. Also the security standards are taken care of for the workers as well as they are family to us.

Cost effective and long run solutions

With our services we try our best to provide the people with solutions that are cost effective and can help them in the long run. Nanotechnology used in the products make the products to be effective for a larger time period and fight against the virus dedicatedly.

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