During this covid crisis keeping ourselves and our families safe from its wrath has become very important and a priority for all. Hand sanitizers, face masks, and nano coat surface disinfectants have become daily life essentials.

Surface disinfectant sprays are used for instantly sanitizing a surface which is primarily responsible for killing pathogens and stopping them from growing back again on surfaces. It also refers to spraying the chemical to surfaces to kill the virus and give the person protection from infections. The surface disinfectants created by using nanotechnology can be used in both private and public places.

Features of Nano Coat Quality Surface Disinfectants:

  • It is capable of killing viruses and bacteria on the surface.
  • It is strong and effective.
  • Once applied, it keeps the surface antiviral for 100 days.
  • It is an economical solution as compared to daily use disinfectants.

Some important guidelines for using surface disinfectants:

  • Apply the disinfectant on the surface after cleaning it earlier as dirt reduces the effectiveness of any disinfectant on the surface. So, clean the surface with water or a damp cloth before applying a disinfectant.
  • After spraying the disinfectant on the surface, use the spray and wipe method for spreading the disinfectant properly on the surface for optimal disinfection.
  • Always have a proper hygiene plan before disinfecting surfaces which means having a proper mindset for cleaning and disinfecting one particular space consistently.

Nano coat surface disinfectants manufactured by Virosmash are created by using highly advanced and tested nanotechnology which is certified by various labs on various parameters. Being one of the best nano coat surface disinfectant suppliers in Delhi and being clinically tested, we can proudly say that our disinfectant kills 99.99% of viruses present on the surface.