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What is 3 Ply Antiviral Face Mask?
What is 3 Ply Antiviral Face Mask?Pollution is one of the major issues today, due to which we are facing many health-related diseases. Along with that in 2020, the Covid pandemic is a huge crisis that the world is facing an increasing levels of pollution in the air is only making it worse for people to survive. People already having asthmatic issues are facing more problems as wearing face masks for long periods causes pressure on the ear of the wearer, 3 Ply antiviral mask comes as a savior in this situation. Features of 3 Ply Antiviral Face Mask: Cotton fabric adjustable Earloop: Antiviral face masks manufactured by Virosmash are made of high-quality knitted cotton fabric, the stitches did are neat and firm. The mask is comfortable to wear, safe for the skin, and non-suffocating, which is the biggest concern for people having breathing issues. Soft cotton fabric is used for the ear loops of the mask. Breathable 3 layers:The first layer or you can say the outer layer is the antiviral layer which is technologically created to keep out viruses. It consists of a thin 20gsm spunbond PP fabric. The second layer or the middle layer works as a filter, it is developed to filter out pollutants and bacteria. It includes a thicker 38gms meltblown PP filter. The third innermost layer is again an antiviral layer. It includes a thin skin-soft spunbond PP with extra comfort added. Adjustable Earloops with snug fit: These adjustable and stretch ear loops enable the mask to fit perfectly and cover the mouth and nose properly. It allows easy on and off with a washable face mask. The soft fabric of the loop eliminates the pressure on the ear and allows the wearer to keep it on for longer hours.This 3 ply face mask manufactured by Virosmash is your Antimicrobial companion. Instructions to use 3 Ply Antiviral mask: A Virosmash Antiviral face mask doesnt guarantee that the wearer will completely avoid infection. Wash your hands before touching your mask. Try to avoid touching the outer layer of your mask after coming home, it is advisable that you directly wash it or sanitize it properly. Remove the mask from the ear loop and avoid touching the front of the mask, store it away in a closed bin. Do wash your hands carefully with soap after removing your mask. Why buy Antiviral Face Masks only from Virosmash? Virosmash sells one of the best 3 Ply antiviral masks online. You can order masks online from anywhere in India. Antiviral face masks manufactured by Virosmash made with high technology and tested by NABL certified Lab. These clinically-tested face masks are best fit for people who feel it difficult to wear face masks because of their breathing problems. Masks manufactured at Virosmash are 99.9% Antiviral and Antibacterial up to 50 washes which makes it economical too.
Why To Use Nano Coat Surface Disinfectant?
Why To Use Nano Coat Surface Disinfectant?During this covid crisis keeping ourselves and our families safe from its wrath has become very important and a priority for all. Hand sanitizers, face masks, and nano coat surface disinfectants have become daily life essentials. Surface disinfectant sprays are used for instantly sanitizing a surface which is primarily responsible for killing pathogens and stopping them from growing back again on surfaces. It also refers to spraying the chemical to surfaces to kill the virus and give the person protection from infections. The surface disinfectants created by using nanotechnology can be used in both private and public places. Features of Nano Coat Quality Surface Disinfectants: It is capable of killing viruses and bacteria on the surface. It is strong and effective. Once applied, it keeps the surface antiviral for 100 days. It is an economical solution as compared to daily use disinfectants. Some important guidelines for using surface disinfectants: Apply the disinfectant on the surface after cleaning it earlier as dirt reduces the effectiveness of any disinfectant on the surface. So, clean the surface with water or a damp cloth before applying a disinfectant. After spraying the disinfectant on the surface, use the spray and wipe method for spreading the disinfectant properly on the surface for optimal disinfection. Always have a proper hygiene plan before disinfecting surfaces which means having a proper mindset for cleaning and disinfecting one particular space consistently. Nano coat surface disinfectants manufactured by Virosmash are created by using highly advanced and tested nanotechnology which is certified by various labs on various parameters. Being one of the best nano coat surface disinfectant suppliers in Delhi and being clinically tested, we can proudly say that our disinfectant kills 99.99% of viruses present on the surface.
What are antiviral masks?
What are antiviral masks?Scientists and public-health specialists say that face masks are a simple way to prevent the spread of the virus and bacteria through talking, coughing, or sneezing. But they need to be worn properly. Antiviral face masks are designed to filter out or kill microscopic bacterial, viruses, and viral particles. During the time of Coronavirus antiviral masks are easily available in medical stores, and Garment Stores. The past years have seen hazardous air quality levels polluted. In the Winter season, the sky is covered by a thick layer of haze, dust. During the COVID-19, the mask has been compulsory to wear. As air quality is bad and the hype of coronavirus, a health emergency has been declared in the world - schools and colleges are closed, and construction has been halted. WHO says During the coronavirus', The lifestyle has turned into the worst in three months. According to the World Health Organization. Even as environmentalists and residents fighting with viruses, there are some precautions that we need to take to stay safe during such severe conditions. Guidelines for wearing Face Masks: Antiviral face masks can help reduce the spread of bacteria and other respiratory viruses when only if they have been worn correctly and regularly. Here are some guidelines for proper mask-wearing: Wear a face mask when coming with a sick person. Try not to touch the mask from the center phase and when you want to remove the mask then you remove it from the side string. Wear a face mask before going near other people if you may be sick. If you have the virus and need to see a doctor, wear a face mask to protect others in the waiting area. Consider wearing an anti-viral face mask in crowded areas if the virus is widespread in your community, or if youre at high risk for virus complications. When youre done wearing a surgical face mask or respirator face mask, throw it in the dustbin and wash your hands. Never use it again. If your mask is a washable face mask after use, wash it in hot water. Tips to protect from Viruses and Infections: Wash your hand with soap and warm water. If you are going outside, then use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Avoid Touching your face or mouth if you havent washed your hands. It can transfer the virus to these areas and potentially make you sick. Maintain Distance with people who are ill. If youre around someone who is coughing and sneezing, then try to stay at least 6 to 8 feet away from the sick person. Never Sharing personal items like utensils and drinking glasses can potentially spread the virus. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Try to cough into your elbow or into a tissue. Be sure to immediately dispose of any used tissues. Stay home if youre sick, plan to stay at home until you recover.